The capture


This awsome  vignette depicts the capture of the 69th reg. King’s colors during the battle of quatre Brass.
Figures sold unpainted
Multipart kit. Requires some assembly.
Scale: 28mm  
Material: Metal


The vignette contains the following parts: 
3 figures (British officer, drummer and french curiassier)  1 horse  1 base for the horse 1 base for the drummer   1 drum  1 belgic shako 1 curiassier head 1 flag 1 sword scabbard (for the British officer) 1curiassier sword 1 spare hand with sword for the British officer 1 spare hand with sword for the curiassier.
The basic vignette has been designed with the cuirassier struggling against the British officer for the flag and the wounded drummer boy watching the scene,. We have added optional hands with swords for the cuirassier and the British  officer in order to give more flexibility and several settings and display possibilities This will allow making a vignette with  these  figures but avoiding the flag’s freehand.

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