Angel Aparicio (AKA Oniria)

About 15 years back Angel started to learn to paint on 20mm figures; gradually he switched on to painting and making dioramas/vignettes with 28mm figures. His unique painting style (often described as impressionist) has turned him into one of the most noted painters of 28mm figures. His peculiar style can be immediate recognized with simple glimpse at any of his works. Even though he paints with acrylics his personal technique makes the figures look as if painted in oils.

Angel handles all the “artistic” side of Oniria Miniatures. Form a simple idea based on a picture, movie, book or any other inspiring source, he develops a given idea into the vignettes Oniria Miniatures finally offers you.

Manuel Roldán (AKA Manroll)

Manuel is the other 50% of Oniria Miniatures’ venture. He handles all the tasks and works needed to keep the engine running: Stock keeping, logistics, accountancy, marketing…you name it.

So, remember, when you receive your order in the blink of an eye Manroll is the man.